“ArtistSeen” is portraiture, but of those I consider my “people,” my tribe, my community — the individuals who make up the art world: artists, gallerists, curators, critics and writers. I like these people; they share my values and interests. Creating this body of work reinforces my sense of connection and belonging to that community. This work is my way of documenting the relationships I have with these people, my connection to this specific world, and also claiming my membership within it.

The paintings are oil on wood, treated with gesso first, then cut into shape and mounted a couple of inches off the wall. The shadows created by the cut shape add an additional dynamic dimension and a sculptural quality to the work. The variability of the shadows adds a sense of liveliness to the work.

The cut-out heads are influenced by classical Greek and Roman marble busts and statuary, but achieved using oil paint and plywood. All these paintings are based on photos that I have taken.

In addition, I have been taking photos of art world people at Shoebox Projects since December, 2016. During my residency in March/April 2017, I’ll be adding more photos of those who drop by to see the show.

Installation View, Shoebox Projects, 2017
Installation view of "Artist Seen" at Shoebox Projects, Los Angeles, March 2017.




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